Our Story

The Tavasyam story begins with a simple idea: What if we could help change the world through the power of health? Tavasyam is a company formed 5 years ago by 2 young professionals from India, who have been working hard in the field of physical and mental fitness for over a decade. After many years of constant study, research, brainstorming and hard work, we have come a long way since the inception of TAVASYAM to where we are today. With a noble purpose of leading the world towards Self-awakening and self-discovery, TAVASYAM has now become a widespread name across the globe as best online health and fitness platform wherein you can always find our programs especially tailored for you.
Our mission is to empower individuals to rebuild their lives and ultimately reconstruct the world. We strongly believe that it’s high time health and fitness should be considered as a forth basic need and not a lifestyle choice.

Meet the Instructors

Viren Singh

Founder of Tavasyam

Viren Singh is an Internationally certified strength-conditioning Coach and Yoga Expert based in India. He has been training people for over ten years, helping them to achieve elite levels of success in the field of mental, physical and spiritual fitness. His programs offer a holistic approach to fitness that combines yoga with exercise, nutrition and supplement science. His science-based approach to health and fitness, combined with breathing techniques and meditation, has allowed him to advance his knowledge in many areas such as weight management, treatment of stress, depression/anxiety and overall lifestyle management. The methods and techniques he has developed have helped hundreds of people with various medical conditions such as BP, Thyroid, PCOD, PCOS, Joint issues, Body posture issues etc. In addition to helping individuals recover from injuries and conditions, he also customizes his approach for those who have established athletic goals or are starting out new.

Keeran Patil

Co-founder of Tavasyam

Keeran is an Internationally certified Exercise specialist and Nutrition Coach based in India. She has been working with all fitness levels, from beginners to elite athletes for over eight years, providing them a balanced approach to overall health. Her training methods combine ancient yoga with modern exercise practices. Her remarkable expertise in tailor-making programs for special population with health challenges such as breast cancer, arthritis, diabetics, Pre/Postpartum, thyroid, BP, PCOD, PCOS,  etc. makes her one of the best in the industry.  Her knowledge of both anatomy and physiology allow her to identify, assess and treat chronic injuries, body misalignment and postural issues. Keeran specializes in a wide variety of sports-specific training techniques and personality enhancement practices. Her ability to educate and motivate people to be their best is unmatched.

We would love to help you become the best version of yourself.

Take your first step forward and let us guide you to a happier, healthier life through most accurate and effective lifestyle choices.