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our mission

Tavasyam inspires you to live a balanced and healthy lifestyle through physical fitness and peace of mind.

Weight management along with strength, flexibility and endurance improvement
PCOS/PCOD,Thyroid and menstrual issues Management
Lifestyle and Food Management
Chronic pain and injury recovery
Anxiety and Stress relief with improved Mental Health
Overcoming Medical issues such as BP, Diabetes etc.

Our Focus

You can't be successful at fitness if you don't know your body, mind and food. Tavasyam teaches you to take control of all three areas to improve your lifestyle and build a stronger mindset to balance work, family and fitness together.
Physical Fitness
Physical fitness is not only one of the most important keys to the healthy body. It is the basis of living happy and healthy life.
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Mental Fitness
Gaining control over your emotions is a key to focus more on your health and understand the value of cultivating good lifestyle.
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Food has always been an integral part of our lives and It seems almost impossible to ignore food’s calling. Hence, creating suitable and sustainable meal habits is one of a key aspect.
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The Team


Founder of Tavasyam

An internationally certified strength conditioning coach, yoga expert and supplement science expert. Since 10 years, has helped hundreds of people achieve elite levels of success in their personal fitness through the use of his customized programs, breathing techniques and yoga methods.


Co-founder of Tavasyam

An Internationally certified exercise specialist, nutrition Coach and yoga Expert. Her training methods combine ancient yoga with modern exercise practices. She is an expert in tailor-making programs for special population with health challenges such as breast cancer, arthritis, diabetics, postpartum and PCOD etc.

our program

Project Mind and Body

Be your best today with our holistic 12-week program, Project Mind and Body. This elite program covers all aspects of health and fitness and provides you sustainable results, so you can have a healthier future.
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This program is for you if

  • You struggle with weight management and lifestyle issues

  • Your are bored of eating healthy meals but still can’t see any results

  • You’re looking to improve strength, stamina and endurance

  • Need help with PCOD/PCOS, thyroid, diabetes, chronic pains etc

  • Dealing with stress, depression or anxieties that may be affecting your daily life

Word on the street is...

“2022 has turned out to be the best year as I found TAVASYAM.

I learnt a lot from their program every week and now I can finally understand the true meaning of fitness. Me and my husband both joined the program together and our coach was really very patient with us during all the classes.

TAVAYSAM really has a unique blend of exercises and diet plans which makes your life happy and healthy. Kudos…

Neha Agarwal

Sweden, Europe

BECAUSE THE INSPIRATION IS REAL. Lost 18lbs, Overcame my Thyroid and Blood pressure issues. 

I am truly blessed to have found TAVASYAM, who taught me all that I now know about weight loss and fitness.
Their programs are simple yet very effective. No crash diets or crazy forms and amounts of exercise. Just intelligent exercise combined with healthy eating.

Manisha Singhal

California, USA

Fitness has always been toughest part of my life until I came across TAVASYAM.

I am very much thankful to Team TAVASYAM for reshaping my lifestyle. I enrolled under their program to kick start my weight loss journey and in just few weeks, I found myself not just feeling lighter physically but even more light mentally. I love their sustainable approach to overall health. My coach Viren is very passionate and I feel his support everyday. The workouts and nutrition plans are built and designed around my life.

Nirali Mehta


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We are passionate about helping you achieve your fitness goals, build healthier habits and create sustainable lifestyle

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